AMC Resources And Links

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AMC Clubs & Organizations:

AMC Rambler Club – AMCRC was founded in 1980 by Frank and Elaine Wrenick to encourage and promote the preservation, restoration and collection of automobiles produced by American Motors Corporation. The Club also encourages preservation and collection of all information and printed matter relating to these cars.

American Motors Owners Association – American Motors Owners Association, Inc., (AMO) is a Wisconsin chartered, non-profit organization, which exists expressly for the purpose of aiding and encouraging the use, enjoyment, preservation, and restoration of vehicles built by American Motors Corporation between 1958 and 1988 model years.

The Marlin Auto Club – The Marlin Club is a non-profit Hobby Club for the Restoration and Preservation of the 1965 -1967 Marlin Automobile. Ownership is not required. Membership is open to anyone interested in Marlins or Ramblers. The Marlin club publishes an award winning Quarterly Publication, Membership Roster, Handbook & Parts Source Guide.

The Trans-Am Javelin Registry – Dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the 100 SCCA Trans-Am Javelins manufactured by American Motors for the 1970 model year. This site contains T/A Javelin history, photos, racing history and general AMC historical information.

AMC Enthusiasts:

AMX390 AMX/3 – AMX/3 reproductions and videos about American Motors Muscle cars.
AMX-perience / Trans-Am Javelin – The AMX-perience/Trans-Am Javelin provides information on the American Motors AMX and the 1968-72 Trans-Am series. Free AMC Photo Classifieds, AMC Photo Gallery and Forum.

Arcticboy’s American Motors Site – Here is some of my extensive collection American Motors (AMC), and Rambler Literature. I also have free American Motors wallpaper, screensavers, Icons, Sounds, and more. – Welcome to our Gremlin Community. This is the Worlds Largest On-Line Gremlin Community. We offer a wealth of resources to aid individuals in restoring or researching the American Motors Gremlin.

The Coupe Coop! – AMC Matador Coupe information.

The Pacer Page – The Pacer Page is the definitive source for AMC Pacer information on the internet. Featuring history, technical tips, statistics and facts, articles, personal stories, pictures, and other useful information.

AMC Forums:

The AMC Forum – The AMC Forum American Motors Corporation discussion forums.

AMC Information:

American Motors – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – American Motors Corporation (AMC) was an American automobile company formed by the 1954 merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S.

AMC Racing:

AMXtreme Drag Racing Team – Virtual home of the AMXtreme Drag Racing Team.

Super Stock AMX pictorial registry for 69 SS/AMX muscle cars – Super Stock AMX’s are documented through a pictorial registry. These 52 or 53 AMC muscle cars produced by the Hurst company are listed by their build sequence.